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by Admin User - Tuesday, 27 January 2015, 04:49 PM

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  • Course Description
    A study of audit procedures including professional standards, professional ethics, legal liability, audit evidence, planning the audit, and internal control.

    Acct 213 - Principles of Accounting II Completed with a grade of "C" or better, permission of instructor.

  • Course Description:
    This course provides the principles of management and personnel supervision, as they relate to Tribal programs.  Emphasis is on understanding and solving personnel problems, writing program objectives, defining activities to be done, effective planning, the direction and evaluation of a Tribal program, managing budgets, and studying the interrelationship between various programs and Tribal governments.

    Bad 313

  • Course Description
    This course uses a comparative perspective to explore the most important historical events and developments that have taken place throughout the world from early human history through today, from emergence of social inequalities and growth of early urban developments to the processes of colonization and imperialism to World War II, Cold War and decolonization to life in the 21st century. Particular emphasis is placed on how interpretations of the same events differ.   3 credit hours.

    Self enrolment
  • Course Description

    Students must be able to read a variety of informational texts and produce written documents. This course will introduce the tools necessary to integrate literacy strategies into content learning to help raise student achievement in content area classes such as social studies, science and mathematics. Emphasis areas include cultural and linguistic diversity, student motivation, formal and informal literacy assessments to guide instruction, effective instructional methods and learning strategies, and informational technologies to foster literacy. Course participants will develop lesson plans that model literacy integration across the curriculum that align to the Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects. Specific attention will be given to meeting the needs of Native American middle school and high school students.

    Prerequisites: ED 313, EXED 313, ED 323.
    3 credits

  • Course Description:

    A history of American Indian schools, community and student relations is emphasized in this course. Educational theory and background into traditional tribal education, church, federal, and public education will be explored. Teaching methods based on integrating state content standards with Indian values and culture are part of this course. The South Dakota Indian Studies Strands are addressed.

  • Course Description
    Students will study, in depth, the high incidence disabilities, their definitions, diagnosis and characteristics.  Legal obligations of IDEA, Sect. 504 and ADA will be introduced.  Low incidence disabilities will also be introduced.  Emphasis will be given on determining disabilities, understanding the cognitive, social and emotional difficulties and planning appropriate interventions.  Researching journal articles for current information will provide additional source material.   3 credit hours.


    Textbook  Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools, Pearson  8th Edition

  • Course Description
    This is a study of ethics and social responsibility as they relate to issues, conflicts, decision-making and program development in business today. The impact of business activities on: stockholders, employees, communities, the environment and society in general are discussed in detail.

    Econ 213 & BAd 253

  • Course Description
    Successful online teaching requires a variety of skills that are very different from face to face instruction. These include mastery of a course management system, mastery of online communication technologies, demonstration of best practices in online instruction, assessment and skill using software applications and web based tools.

    This is a Five Lesson Virtual Campus Faculty Orientation for facilitators of distance learning courses at Oglala Lakota College. All instructors of online courses are required to participate and successfully complete this Virtual Campus Faculty Orientation.

    Prerequisite: None

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