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Problems Logging in to Virtual Campus
by Admin User - Wednesday, 18 December 2013, 08:54 AM

If you are experiencing problems logging into Virtual Campus you have two options to correct this situation.

1. You may click on the Forgotten your username or password? link on the login page. The system will create a random password and send it to your email account. Check your email and use this password the next time you log in. Please remember that you will be asked to change your password at the next login.

2. Send a password request to This will take longer than the first option.


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Available courses

  • Course Description
    A study of audit procedures including professional standards, professional ethics, legal liability, audit evidence, planning the audit, and internal control.

    Acct 213 - Principles of Accounting II Completed with a grade of "C" or better, permission of instructor.

  • Course Description
    This course covers modern practices in the preparing, planning, writing and dictating all types of business letters and reports that are commonly required in business operations

    Engl 113 (or higher)

  • This course is designed to assist students identify and develop their writing techniques within the literary formats of drama, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Students are required to submit multiple drafts of their writing assignments and apply a rigorous editing process for each of their major writing assignments.
  • Course Description
    This course is an introduction to social theory - ideas and sets of ideas aobut "how the world works." It provides an overview of social theory, from its infancy in the early work of Marx, Durkheim, and Weber, to its more recent expression in the diverse contributions of thinkiers like Michel Foucault, Cornell West, and Edward Said.  All of those thinkers, and those who have come after them, addressed themes that have become central to the social sciences: power, conflict, war, social class, social change, agency, structure, inequality, racism, gender relations, culture, religion, and many others.   3 credit hours.

    SoSc 103; additional prerequisite for all online classes: MIS 113.

  • Course Description
    This course examines post-colonial societies and governments in a globalizing world, with a focus on the historic, economic, and social forces that are involved when societies make the transition to locally-led economic development and nation building activities.  The challenges associated with creating social, economic, and political opportunities will be examined.  While the focus is on nation building by indigenous societies of the Americas, cases from Africa and Asia are also included. 3 credit hours.

    Engl 113 and SoSc 103; additional prerequisite for all online classes: MIS 113. Information on how to request a waiver for this requirement:

  • Course Description
    Successful online teaching requires a variety of skills that are very different from face to face instruction. These include mastery of a course management system, mastery of online communication technologies, demonstration of best practices in online instruction, assessment and skill using software applications and web based tools.

    This is a Five Lesson Virtual Campus Faculty Orientation for facilitators of distance learning courses at Oglala Lakota College. All instructors of online courses are required to participate and successfully complete this Virtual Campus Faculty Orientation.

    Prerequisite: None

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