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by Admin User - Tuesday, 27 January 2015, 04:49 PM

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  • Course Description
    This is a study of ethics and social responsibility as they relate to issues, conflicts, decision-making and program development in business today. The impact of business activities on: stockholders, employees, communities, the environment and society in general are discussed in detail.

    Econ 213 & BAd 253

  • Course Description

    Taking a college course on leadership with not make you a leader, that’s not how it happens. Studying leaders and leadership will help you develop the qualities and traits that do. Students in this course will learn the traits, styles and different types of leaders. Attention will be paid to self leadership, one on one leadership, team leadership and organizational leadership. The different skills for effective leadership will be studied. 3 credit hours.


    Bad 253 and BAd 313

    Guest access
  • Course Description:
    This course provides the principles of management and personnel supervision, as they relate to Tribal programs.  Emphasis is on understanding and solving personnel problems, writing program objectives, defining activities to be done, effective planning, the direction and evaluation of a Tribal program, managing budgets, and studying the interrelationship between various programs and Tribal governments.

    Bad 313

  • Course Description

    Students must be able to read a variety of informational texts and produce written documents. This course will introduce the tools necessary to integrate literacy strategies into content learning to help raise student achievement in content area classes such as social studies, science and mathematics. Emphasis areas include cultural and linguistic diversity, student motivation, formal and informal literacy assessments to guide instruction, effective instructional methods and learning strategies, and informational technologies to foster literacy. Course participants will develop lesson plans that model literacy integration across the curriculum that align to the Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects. Specific attention will be given to meeting the needs of Native American middle school and high school students.

    Prerequisites: ED 313, EXED 313, ED 323.
    3 credits

  • Course Description
    Detective Fiction provides learners with opportunities to begin their exploration into the creatively deductive world of mystery. As the semester progresses, it will acquaint them with the essential elements of fiction and ,more specifically, the literary devices unique to the "subgenre" of the "whodunit." As an upper-level course, Detective Fiction will require students to  demonstrate their advanced level of experience by initiating and maintaining an in-depth leadership function within the class while asserting their opinions and supporting their positions with tertiary critical analysis. 3 credit hours

    Lit 203, or permission of instructor.

  • This course introduces students to different indigenous/tribal peoples throughout the world. It provides insight into their cultural backgrounds, social and political struggles, and the strategies they have applied to improve their situation. Recent developments at the level of international law are also discussed

  • Course Description
    Successful online teaching requires a variety of skills that are very different from face to face instruction. These include mastery of a course management system, mastery of online communication technologies, demonstration of best practices in online instruction, assessment and skill using software applications and web based tools.

    This is a Five Lesson Virtual Campus Faculty Orientation for facilitators of distance learning courses at Oglala Lakota College. All instructors of online courses are required to participate and successfully complete this Virtual Campus Faculty Orientation.

    Prerequisite: None

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